Friday, 15 June 2012

Calling The Golden Misses Out There

After a not so long private stint, Runaway Bride has decided to go public,for the benefit of other brides-to-be, who think they're alone and suffering. So, a new blog, a new look, new readers (and my old sweety pies as well, how can I forget you all), and maybe new guys to meet :P  

It has been a rickety ride up-hill for Runaway Bride and there seems no end to the road less traveled these days.Anyways, today she is in no mood to crib.Together, we will laugh our hearts out, at the cost of all those guys who were supposedly the 'perspective grooms'. The endless times you had to cancel some engagement to meet a guy, the not-so-scheduled visit to a saloon, the oh-my-God-I'll-have-to-dress-traditionally-moments, the high tension drama before and after a meet will all make us laugh, one day when we look back.

So what, if Prince Charming is coming on a turtle instead of a horse. So what, if every frog has to be kissed before Mr Right appears. So what, if other people are continuously stealing our thunder! So what, if we are Golden Misses - It is all Good for us in a way that we haven't made a wrong choice yet.

Runaway Bride has a few stories to narrate.And a few very interesting ones coming soon;-)


  1. turtle !... hahahaha LOL ! !

    keep it up :)

    welcome to public ;)

  2. I liked the title of your blog.! I blog about pretty much the same issues except that I do talk of other things occasionally.! Do take a look

    1. Thanks Rinzu :) Would sure love to visit your place :) This one is dedicated only the over hyperd misadventures I have to deal with!